Ford V10 RV Ram-Air

During JP and Jordana’s anniversary dinner they came to the conclusion that they needed to travel the country with their two young children. There could be so many ifs and buts and “It’s not the right time,” but they made the decision to buy an RV anyway. Fast forward to March of 2021 and they sold their house, ditched all of their stuff, and hit the road for full-time.

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But with gas prices at an all-time high, JP knew he had to do whatever he could to increase the gas-gulping Ford V10’s fuel economy. He found himself on ordering a Ram-Air intake system. The Banks intake for his 6.8L increases airflow by 60%! More cold air with less restriction means the engine won’t have to work as hard to make the same power. Less work means more power.

In another video, JP installs the AutoMind Programmer. This device alleviates the factory’s “power enrichment delay” which causes problems in acceleration and transmission shifting. JP states that he noticed problems in his RV’s shifting uphill, and downhill the engine revving very high because it wasn’t downshifting properly. JP was pretty excited to share another feature of the AutoMind, “The other thing that’s really cool is that after you tune your engine you can actually leave this on the dash and it’ll give you real-time feedback on what’s going on with your engine.”

JP promises a review from his upcoming trip in a future video. Stay “tuned.”