Ford Tremor Going with Science Over Fluff

Morris Rothfeldt Jr. ordered this F-250 Ford Tremor to replace his Raptor, and it took Ford a year to make his truck. Like everything that Morris owns, it needs to work when called to action. “I do what I can to take care of my equipment, and when it needs to work, it needs to work well!” That creed led him to look at Banks and the Ram-Air differential cover for his Dana M275 axle.

His wife asked him why he’d want to spend his money on a diff cover. Rather than try to justify his purchase, he decided to get some help on the matter. “I told her instead of me attempting to explain it, I’ll just let Gale Banks do it. We ended up watching all of the videos.”

Looking for Longevity for the Ford Tremor

“I was looking for longevity, a little bling, and potential performance increases, the same as Gale. As I started searching for an aftermarket cover I stumbled across his videos. Gale has a very unique way of explaining complicated things in a manner that most people can understand. I have a background in automotive being the former editor of Bronco Driver magazine. I’m a body technician by trade doing custom car builds. So, I kinda have a knack for separating the wheat from the chaff and recognizing quality versus hype. I feel good about Gale’s legacy in the automotive realm and motorsports. What he’s done and the intelligent manner of how he talks—he’s showing you science. It’s evident in what he does is correct, and for a purpose.”

Service that lasts

“Your factory diff cover will probably give you good service for a long time,” Morris confesses. “However, if you’re looking for an upgrade make sure it’s not a downgrade! That’s the message from the videos we watched. That’s why I’ll always look toward Banks for quality products for my truck.”