First Startup of Supercharged Duramax

The first startup of the Supercharged Duramax in LokJaw finally happened! “I’ve never had an engine that responds like this,” says Gale Banks with a smile from ear to ear. “High-compression big block Chevy with a blower… all of the above. This guy is the champion.”

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01:10 What’s been done since SEMA Show
04:58 Gale explains the delay
05:46 Revealing the supercharger update
07:19 Overdrive ratio
08:26 Relieving air pressure at idle
12:00 First fire

Here’s your chance to hear the first startup of our forthcoming series of high-performance diesel turnkey (crate) engines. The exhaust note from all modern diesel engines is dampened by a turbo. There is no turbo to reduce the sound from this engine. The exhaust exits the engine through a set of custom headers, into a collector, and out to the world via a Banks 5” Monster Exhaust. After Banks calibrator Jeff Lee tunes the engine, we’ll be hitting the road. Subscribe to Banks’ YouTube channel so you don’t miss any tire smoke. 

If you’re new to the LokJaw saga, start from the beginning to truly understand how epic this first startup truly was. Subscribe to our YouTube page to keep up to date on all LokJaw updates.