Outlaw of Everything

Austin Rief may have officially opened Midwest Outlaw Garage in 2017, but he’s been wrenching on trucks forever! “I’ve been building trucks, hopping them up, and lifting them for years. When you do it for all of your buddies and family there comes a point when you know you should be doing it as a business. I started turning wrenches when I was 14 for John Deere, moved on to working on semis for 4 or 5 years, then went to WyoTech for diesel and advanced diesel, and then went to work for International for another 6 years.”

Bel Air Wagon on lift at Outlaw Garage

“When I was working there I went to work 7 to 3:30, then come home and work on folk’s trucks from 4:30 to midnight 5 days a week. It was time to move on so I moved from a 30×30 square foot shop to opening up Midwest Outlaw Garage with a 12,000 square foot facility and 13 bays. I’m trying to be a mix of Gas Monkey Garage, Vegas Rat Rods, and Diesel Brothers all at once. We can do basic maintenance to complete custom builds, diesel, or gas. We’re continuously building project vehicles because if a customer can see what you can do it will light a spark in them to imagine what can be done to their own ride. We look to Banks products when working on RAM performance and diesel conversions.”

“By offering so many different services we can really cover an entire family’s worth of owned vehicles. The guy who comes in with a diesel truck will have a wife with an SUV or something like that, and since we offer it all there’s no need to take their vehicles anywhere else.”

Midwest Outlaw Garage
814 W Thomas Ave.
Shenadoah, IA 51601
(712) 215-2530