Fan Focus: Ben Ho

Ben Ho knows a thing or two about automotive aftermarket gauges… and what it takes to tastefully mount them. He makes custom gauge mounts for just about any vehicle, and he’s been doing it since 2007. Back then he was just making them for his own vehicles and a few for friends, but now he’s making them for people all over the world. When asked more about the gauge holder business Ben laughed, “This isn’t even the day job… it’s an after-work thing. I actually work in construction.” Ben uses those construction skills to make some very well-designed mounts. Each one is hand-molded, prepped, and painted by Ben himself and he can usually make 70 to 80 per week. Right now, his business is just word of mouth on forums and his Facebook page.

We asked Ben what the main reason was why people from all around sought out his mounts. “People come to me looking for something that looks factory”, Ben explains. “They don’t want wires hanging down and stuff like that, so I provide something that cleans up all that clutter for them. Both the customer and I want it to look like a factory piece, not just something that is an afterthought.”

What’s his top seller? “GM trucks are pretty hot now, the 1500 guys started first and then the HD. Most everyone though doesn’t want a window mount or anything that has a suction cup. That’s for trucks, but Subaru is a strong seller in the cars.”
When asked about what he thinks about the Banks iDash gauge his response was pretty quick, “I love them. I have an iDash in my own Silverado! I mean I really like the gauge, and I find it so useful compared to a lot of the other ones out there. Ben finished by saying “I think I have one of the best gauges out on the market, so no matter what vehicle a customer comes to me for a gauge mount I recommend the iDash to them.”

For a man that knows gauges, those are some nice compliments! Check out Ben’s Facebook page at Block8head for a look at some of his offerings, or send him an email at with any of your gauge mount questions.