Not All Blowers are Created Equal

This week we visit dyno cell #1 and check in on the progress of our Diesel Monster Truck project engine equipped with the new screw-type Whipple supercharger. In our last recap, we found that the 10-71 Roots-style supercharger wasn’t up to snuff for the project’s horsepower goal and became damaged in the process of testing. Even using water/methanol injection failed to quell the amount of heat of the boosted air contained from the rotors’ inefficient design, killing the density and further robbing horsepower potential before its actual demise.

This brings us back to where we are currently with the Whipple blower now equipped on the engine, which is the focus of Gale’s latest video entry in the series. In the video, Gale explains the differences between the two designs and goes over the data from the dyno runs where both superchargers were run in equal tests.

Watch the video to see which one is the clear winner, because the numbers don’t lie.