Can it make it to KibbeTech Off-Road? | Banks Built Ep 7

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Most restored C10 and C20 pickups are 5 or 6-lug. Not LokJaw. This 3/4-ton Chevy will keep its 8-lug status. Thanks to Strange Engineering we now have a new 8-lug full-floating rear axle. To support the front hub assembly, Roadster Shop typically couples Wilwood’s popular 5-lug ProSpindles with their SPEC Series Chassis. So we figured why not ask Wilwood to lend their spindle geometry to KibbeTech Offroad so they can engineer a pair of 8-lug spindles that mount right to the upper and lower control arms. 

The guys take LokJaw fifty miles north of Los Angeles to meet up with Ryan and Matt from KibbeTech. Ryan lays down some pretty smoky burnouts.