Dyno Cell #2 Progress Report

Emissions Equipment

The improvements to the Banks dyno and the company’s testing capabilities as a whole continues with the addition of the AVL M.O.V.E. Gas PEMS Portable Exhaust Gas Analyzer. This new advanced emissions testing equipment will bring testing to a new level at Banks rivaling the OEMs, both inside and out of the dyno as the complete system is totally portable.

This gives Banks test engineers the ability to use the equipment to accurately analyze and record both sort and long-term dyno testing an engine on the test stand for a 400- or 800-hour NATO test, or it can be wheeled out to the chassis dyno for simulated on-road testing including steady-state.

With all analyzers mounted on vibration dampers, the system is incredibly reliable. External damping on the mounting frame and a rugged chassis further increases its durability. The system can test for total hydrocarbon (THC) continuous emissions monitoring, NOx emissions, NO and NO2 simultaneously, and CO/CO2 measurement. It also calculates online mass emissions and provides interface data and sensors such as ECU/CAN data.

The improvements to dyno cell #2 are shaping up for sure, and making it an impressive engineering tool with no rival.