Banks TorqueTube Header Install

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YouTuber Jason takes to his channel, An_Auto_Addiction, to show off his beautiful 1997 F250 project truck. The mechanic’s latest entry has him installing a set of Banks TorqueTubes to the truck’s 7.5-liter V8. After taking care of the busted head bolts, Jason installs his specially ceramic coated headers on the truck. Because of the headers’ massive 5/8” thick flange is machined-milled flat after the mandrel bent tubes are welded to it on both sides there is no need for gaskets. That same flange is so thick that it also prevents the constant expansion, contraction and warping that the stock exhaust manifolds experience which often leads to head bolts getting sheared off. 

When combined with the exhaust system and intake the headers help to make an impressive +68 horsepower and +94 lb-ft of torque, 24% quicker 0-60 times and +15 more miles per gallon.

Banks still manufactures a full line of power-enhancing products the Ford 460 7.5-liter V8. Whether the engine came in a truck or motor home, Banks can help you get the power and mileage from your ride. Hop onto the website and see for yourself.