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General Manager Miles Bell of Dave’s Automotive and Monster Engines in Utah was spotted lately in a video installing a Monster-Ram on a customer’s RAM 6.7L. “We install a lot Monster-Rams because of the grid heater problem,” explains Miles. “The majority of our customers haven’t had the bolt fall in yet, but with this, it’s more than an ounce of prevention. Now, we can rebuild the customer’s engine, but why take the risk if they can avoid that huge expense? Most of the customers are coming in and getting the Monster-Ram installed as a preventative maintenance part, which we encourage.”

Monster Engines is a division of Dave’s Auto where we do engine rebuilds of any kind, gas or diesel, for folks all over the country. Some of those engines sent in are 6.7L Cummins that have had that bolt drop. We’ve seen this grid heater bolt take out an engine during the warranty period, only to be denied by RAM service because they said it was outside of the powertrain warranty. When we rebuild them, they usually leave with a Monster-Ram installed to be safe.”

“We do a lot of Banks Intercooler UpgradesRam-Air Intakesmechanical and iDash gauges, and PedalMonsters. Even though we’re here to fix broken parts, Dave has the motto: do your maintenance, dang it… I’m too busy! We’d much rather take care of customer’s vehicles and provide solutions than have them wait for things to break.”

“Dave, my dad, started the business 34 years ago, working from a storage unit,” explains Miles of his father’s humble beginnings. “He was a tech at a Dodge dealer. When he returned to work Monday after getting married that weekend, he was let go. Bound and determined, he rented that storage unit, spray painted a plywood sign saying Dave’s Auto on it, hung it above the door and started doing business. My dad is a fantastic mechanic! He’s not a parts changer. His job is to find the problem and fix it. I grew up here at the shop, learned how to ride my bike in the parking lot, and joined the business 14 years ago. The company has grown from that one storage unit to a 36,000-square-foot facility with 30 lifts. We can do anything for a customer’s vehicle, aside from paint and bodywork. When it comes to Banks products, it’s a great quality brand. We believe that if there’s a good product or tool out there, we use it.

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