Comparison: Derringer to Pulsar

Justin Dergosits is a man who puts his money where his curiosity is so he did a comparison test. He compared the Banks Derringer tuner to the Edge Pulsar tuner. “I’m very leery of everything out there, especially if a claim seems just too good to be true. I can’t just buy something off of what a company says about its own product. Let’s face it: everyone is out to sell their own stuff, and they can say whatever they want about how much better they are than anyone else. I’ll read all of the reviews, and go through all of the forums to get the scoop on what regular people are saying.”

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Justin is no stranger to Banks, and he has a pretty good opinion about the products already. “I’ve bought Banks products before and they always work. I can trust them not to hurt my vehicle. You can be a total idiot and Banks won’t let you burn down your rig.”

Exhaust Gas Temp Comparison

He wanted more power for his truck, and was curious about both the Banks Derringer and Edge Pulsar but couldn’t find a comparison made by a “regular person.” So he decided to buy both and test them himself.

Wheel Horsepower Comparison

“The Pulsar is crap!” Justin concluded. “It does nothing but dump fuel and then stop when it gets too hot, then starts over again. It’s unbelievable that they’d put this on the market making the claims that they do. I called Edge and complained and asked for my money back. Citing it didn’t do what they said it was supposed to. I got nowhere, except for frustrated really fast. Something else I didn’t say in my video… while running the Pulsar my truck went into regen every 150 miles.”

He continued, “with the Derringer, it regens every 700 to 900 miles. Now you tell me that the Pulsar isn’t just dumping fuel! The Derringer on the other hand does everything Banks says it would do. I’m just starting out on YouTube, but I’m a regular guy and if I could help someone avoid making a mistake on buying a crappy product, then I’ve done my job with my channel.”