Car Craft Radio spotlights Banks SEMA vehicles

What were the three hottest vehicles at SEMA this year? We know our favorites. Join Steve Strope of Car Craft Radio as he gets the answers from Gale Banks.

Even if you weren’t lucky enough to attend the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, you have no doubt seen the images and heard stories about all the cool vehicles displayed. Three of the coolest vehicles there—in our not so unbiased opinions—were the Ridler award-winning Peace Thunderbird, the ICON “Cummins D200” truck, and the “Lil’ Red Express” Ram truck.

Car Craft Radio host Steve Strope grabbed Gale Banks during the show and had him give a complete rundown of what went into bringing those vehicles to life and what each vehicle gained from getting “Power by Banks.”

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