Captain Dave protects his RAM

Captain Dave of Capt Dave’s Sport Fishing wants to protect his 2008 Ram 2500 since he does a lot of towing. It’s a part of his livelihood. To his surprise, the fluid was not dark when he drained the oil and removed his diff cover. The magnet hadn’t collected more metal.

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We’re talking about something Captain Dave needs for his business, and he doesn’t want to take chances. After seeing the amount of research done, he was sold on what he needed to do to protect his investment.

“And it’s not a flat-back, it’s a dome like the factory. You think the engineers at an auto manufacturer are not going to get it sorta right?” After going over some of the main features, Dave stopped and said “we are talking top of the line, folks! I saw this, and I said, man, it’s time to do your differential, Dave.”

Thanks for the high praise, Captain Dave! If you want to learn more about the massive research that went into the Banks Ram-Air Diff Cover, read more. You can watch Gale explain why our diff cover is way better than any stock one. If after all that you’re still not sold, read what other customers have to say.