Ram-Air Intake for 2017-19 Ford 6.7L F-250/350/450

The NEW Banks Ram-Air intake system for the 2017-19 Ford 6.7L Super Duty is now available for pre-order. Nearly a year in the making, the new cold air intake beats stock and the competitors where it matters most; Air Density, Airflow, Pressure Retention, and Dirt Capacity. And, unlike competitive systems, the Ram-Air system retains the stock battery location! 

One of the goals when designing the system was to create a filter element that offers more surface area and a larger inlet than its competitors. These larger measurements are not just be for bragging rights. More surface area means greater distances between cleanings. It also means the Banks filter offers superior flow, long after competitors are clogged with debris. Get full details and test data here

Ram-Air beats the competition and protects your Ford

• 40% Air Density increase over stock
• 49% Airflow improvement over stock
• Multiple cold air inlets
• Retains stock battery location
• Largest air filter in its class (1,065 in2 surface area)
• Least restrictive air filter in its class
• Unparalleled dirt capacity
• 99% filtration efficiency
• More miles between cleaning
• Easy-to-clean filter
• Simple installation
• 50-state emissions compliant, CARB E.O. D-161-132