The Banks Powerhouse; Full Service for RVs

It’s no secret that the Banks Powerhouse, located in Azusa, Ca. is known for providing installation services for all of the products we offer. Most of the photos you may have seen regarding our installation center may have had trucks and jeeps. But a big part of the vehicles we service are recreational vehicles (RVs). There are some days where all we see on the lifts are RVs getting various products installed. Banks Power products can be installed by a shade tree mechanic, but it’s easier to just have our highly skilled Technicians do the job for you. Most of the work we do is same day turn around. So that means you can hang out in our customer lounge, watch TV, have some coffee and enjoy our engine displays in the showroom.

Here’s a prime example of a Tiffin Allegro Open Road 35 footer RV that’s getting the Banks PowerPack System installed. The Powerhouse can take two RVs at a time. In addition, we also have service lifts for trucks and jeeps that we install products for. We’ve actually had many snow-birds come down to the Powerhouse from all over to get installation work done.

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