2021 RAM 3500 owner tests Monster-Ram Gen 2

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RAM enthusiast, Rocky Rohde took to his YouTube channel with a friend’s reaction to his new Banks Monster-Ram Gen 2 intake manifold. Installed on his 2021 RAM 3500 Cummins, Rohde’s friend could immediately feel the difference from his initial press of the accelerator. Ben had a surprised and pensive expression on his face shortly after takeoff, remembering the way the truck performed before the installation. “Oh yeah, you can tell that it’s there.” Rohde asked “Do you feel it’s the low-end?” to which Ben replied “No, it’s all the way through. You can feel it. Way to go Banks!”

After getting his friend’s impressions of the Monster-Ram, Rohde goes on to give helpful hints and tool suggestions that made installing the intake manifold even easier.

The new Monster-Ram Gen 2 is the world’s only high-performance 50-state emissions compliant intake manifold for the Cummins 6.7L engine. And, it’s now available for 2007-2022 RAM trucks.