2021 Ford Ranger

Mark Heffernan

Mark Heffernan learned about the PedalMonster in a way that is a little out of the norm. It wasn’t an ad or an internet video. It was at a Ford dealership. Mark was asking about running a tune on his truck, but the service advisor that he was chatting with told him to steer clear of them, and that his son had just gotten the Banks PedalMonster for his Ranger… and loved what it did for it. He recommended Mark look into that over a tune because of the need for premium fuel and warranty issues saddled with tunes. The service advisor told him that his son’s truck now had a much quicker throttle response and that it now gets the truck right in its powerband. Mark did his research, reading up on it and the competition, and watched the videos of people’s reactions. He was also familiar with Gale Banks from back in his boat building days when Banks was known for building dependable twin-turbo engines and decided it was the right way to go.

Mark made the trip to the Banks campus in Azusa, CA where he purchased the PedalMonster, installed it right in the parking lot, and within minutes was on the road ripping around the streets of Azusa and Irwindale. “We were down and out in no time,” said Mark, “it took about five minutes to put it in and the phone paired up in a snap. I love what the PedalMonster did to wake up this truck! On the weekend we took the truck camping, pulling our trailer. I set the tranny in ‘Sport’ and the PedalMonster on ‘Sport’… and let me tell you that I had a smile on the entire trip. Around town, I just use the city mode, and as for ‘Track’ mode, I haven’t tried it yet. I’m waiting until I can get to go to the dragstrip.

For anyone on the fence about getting the PedalMonster Mark puts it simply: “It’s a huge improvement, you’ll love it!”