2019 Chevy Duramax 2500

Wes Mishler owns Wicked Welding and Fabrication in Michigan and has recently started getting into the truck hitch business. Wes has had plenty of trucks in his time, but his 2019 Chevy Duramax was his first brand new one… with everything picked out by him. He had been concerned about putting upgrades on this truck even though he had done plenty of suspension and performance upgrades on his others in the past, but when his wife started calling it his “baby truck” he decided it was time to start.

The first thing he did was put on the suspension which gave him just enough lift with great drivability. The next upgrade was installing dual iDash DataMonsters and Derringer. “I did my research and came to the conclusion that Banks was the safest way to add power to my truck,” said Wes. “I’ve seen ads and videos for other products promising all this power, but Gale and his videos dispel the chatter. I don’t need problems, especially when I paid good hard-earned money for this truck. And let me tell you that you can feel the difference in power. The next upgrade I did was install a Ram-Air Differential Cover and fluid kit that was given to me as Father’s Day gift from my wonderful wife and boys. I love the design, and it totally makes sense.”

Wes’ next Banks upgrade came out of necessity. “We had just gotten a trailer to carry our side by sides and went out for some fun. After our trip, we noticed that the trailer’s mudflaps had almost a complete hole burned through it from the stock exhaust system! Those flaps are pretty expensive, and I didn’t want any more damage than that so I looked into what Banks had… and immediately purchased the 5” Monster Exhaust. I haven’t been happier with an exhaust system because it looks darn good, and I know it won’t set my trailer ablaze.”

Wes closed by saying “I’m a fan of Banks and the products, and why wouldn’t I be? The product results are fact, not a gimmick.”