Appalachian Auto Care and Off-Road

Kevin Venarr’s shop, Appalachian Auto Care and Off-Road might be new but it’s built from years of automotive knowledge and the passion for all things off-road. Kevin was presented with the opportunity to buy an already established auto repair shop in July of 2019, and he jumped at the chance. Growing up, Kevin loved going fast on dirt bikes and ATVs, but it was years later when he visited Las Vegas for a Ducati dealer meeting that his fascination with Jeeps and trucks took hold. “I was at a gas station and off in the distance I could see clouds of dust,” said Kevin, “and out of those clouds came some awesome off-road vehicles. They just didn’t really have anything like in my neck of the woods, high-speed… long-travel, and I knew I needed to be a part of that scene.”

Appalachian Auto Care and Off-Road prides itself on its full auto care and inspection capabilities and is adding two more bays that will be dedicated to full-time to off-road conversions.

Appalachian Auto Care and Off-Road
7007 Bake Oven Road
Germansville, PA 18053-2312