5” Monster Exhaust for 2020–2021 Chevy/GMC 6.6L Duramax

Banks Power introduces the new 5″ Monster Exhaust designed specifically for the 2020-2021 GM 6.6L Duramax L5P 2500/3500 HD pickup trucks. The DPF-back exhaust system features a constant-diameter 5″ mandrel-bent aluminized steel tubing and a massive patented tip. The system wipes out backpressure after the DPF and its design redirects and dissipates exhaust gas heat-saving your trailer.

With the stock exhaust nozzle measuring 2.85″ compared to the Monster Exhaust’s massive 5″ outlet, the Banks system offers a 192% greater flow area than stock. The Monster Exhaust boasts 85% less backpressure than stock, leading to more power and increased fuel economy.

The Monster Exhaust also provides a 15% reduction in exhaust temperature two feet behind the tip during regen. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) on the Duramax L5P is cleaned through regeneration in which scorching exhaust gas temperatures can last up to 20 minutes while driving. Unlike the stock Duramax exhaust, which directs a prolonged jet-like blast of super-heated exhaust gas directly at anything being towed, the Monster Exhaust is aimed out to the side of the truck. This allows ambient air to diffuse the heated gas, eliminating the risk of melting a trailer, a common complaint from Duramax owners that tow.

Duramax owners can choose from two huge patented 6.5″ x 7.5″ ob-round slash-cut exhaust tips: chrome-plated polished stainless steel or high-temp matte black. And, unlike other brands, Banks’ chrome-plated stainless tip will not turn brown with heat.

The Banks 5″ Monster Exhaust (Part No. 48996 for chrome or 48996-B for black) fits all regular cab short bed, double cab short bed, double cab long bed, crew cab short bed, crew cab long bed, and dually models.

  • 5″ aluminized constant-diameter DPF-back system.
  • Virtually eliminates backpressure after the DPF
  • 15% reduction in exhaust temperature 2’ at exit during regen
  • 85% less backpressure than stock 
  • Huge patented 6.5″ x 7.5″ ob-round slash-cut exhaust tip
  • The chrome-plated stainless tip will not turn brown with heat
  • 1-year Limited Warranty 
  • Ob-Round Exhaust Tip Patent No. D558,111
  • Fits: Dual cab short bed, Dual cab long bed, Crew cab short bed, and Crew cab long bed, including Dually Models
  • Fits trucks with aftermarket airbags

Emissions Compliant: E.O. Not Required

US Patent #5,581,111 S1