2019-2020 RAM Cummins 6.7 Ram-Air Intake

RAM fans rejoice! Testing has been completed and the design has been locked in and approved for the Banks Ram-Air Intake for the ’19 thru ’20 RAM trucks with the Cummins 6.7L diesel.

After many design iterations and an extensive amount of testing, against stock and the competition, Banks has come up with the optimum design for the greatest air density gain, making it the ideal upgrade whether you just want the most out of your stock truck, or you’re towing or adding other performance upgrades. This enclosed system keeps out the hot, power-robbing engine air and includes a MASSIVE filter for maximum high-flow filtration for more power and better economy. Performance numbers will be available in the coming weeks.

Oh… and be on the lookout for another Banks product for your Cummins powered RAM. It’s RAM season here at Banks.