Quadstar Tuning uses iDash DataMonster to develop products

John Faddis runs Quadstar Tuning and he knows the need for monitoring what’s going on with a vehicle even if it isn’t OBD-II equipped. His on-line shop specializes in performance upgrades for the 6.2 and 6.5 liter GM diesel offerings, vehicles that were too early for the switch to OBD-II communication. “My first truck had one of the early GM diesel in it,” recalls John, “and I just kept working on it to make it better. From the turbo and hard parts to the engine’s computer and breaking down the HEX code, I worked on it all. We have a good lineup of parts for those early diesels on our site.

When it came to the iDash and the 4-Channel modules John thought they were a no-brainer after watching the videos explaining what can be done with the devices.

“Since what we work on is primarily pre-OBD-II, the value of these gauges and modules is a godsend. It doesn’t matter that these vehicles don’t have modern day electronics and control systems, you still need to know what’s going on with the engine and it’s systems. We used to carry other parts similar to the iDash and the modules, but any time we would add a sensor of change something it was a pretty big ordeal. Either we had to reset the entire system or monkey with it for a long period of time just to get it to recognize anything. The Banks equipment is totally different. I just add a sensor or another module and the iDash automatically recognizes it. It’s totally cool!” Currently John is running his system with two 4-Channel Analog Modules. One module has a frequency input which he uses to read the RPM from the crank sensor. None of his info comes from the truck’s primitive ECU. It’s all Banks.

John doesn’t just use the iDash and modules for monitoring, he uses them for product development.

“We’re working on a liquid-cooled intercooler upgrade, and the iDash DataMonster4-Channel Analog Modules and the AirMouse Ambient Air Sensor have been essential to the product’s development.”

By knowing what the available ambient density John has to work with, he can work on crafting the perfect intercooler arrangement. He has a 4-Channel Analog Module monitoring compressor outlet and air temperature telling him what the intercooler pressure and temp is coming out of the cooler assembly. Now John can record the data on the iDash DataMonster for various test runs working out the core’s construction and tubing. He’s also monitoring the temp of the intercooler’s coolant. “What’s great about this Banks system is that if I need to read more all I have to do is get another module and the sensors that I want to read, plug and play.”