Family Tire and Automotive

Cody Jones: Owner

Cody Jones recently bought Family Tire and Automotive, March of this year in fact. Family Tire and Automotive was an established business that had originally opened back in 1985 by a gentleman by the name of Bill Mizner. Bill moved to Texas from California following a long stint in the corporate world of “Big Tire” companies and had opened a couple of family owned and operated tire shops. When Cody bought the shop, he decided to keep the name, but changed the way they do business. “Since taking over I’ve added a lot of performance,” said Cody, “and a big part of that is trucks. Let’s face it: Trucks are huge here in the Dallas, Fortworth area, and EVERYONE seems to have a diesel. My think is that I want to do right by the customer, So I wanted a product that I knew was safe. A lot of people what to have their trucks tuned on, and they end up getting their trucks all torn up. I like the Banks products they give you as much power as they can while keeping all the trucks components and systems intact.”

Cody has a lot of experience in the automotive field, starting with his family. That’s why the business’s name is so fitting. “I’ve been in the industry pretty much all my life first starting out working with my father and uncle’s shops growing up. I’ve been in heavy equipment, automotive, trucking, and worked for a dealership for a number of years. I got out of the automotive business and opened up a scrap business with my cousin for a while. I just got tired of working in a commodity-based business and decided to get back to what I loved and set out to find a shop for sale.”

Being that Cody and his business are in truck-territory, he decided to service what the community was looking for. “I use to do a lot of gasoline performance, Corvettes in fact. I’m transitioning over to diesel and bought myself a 2020 Chevy Duramax. I can’t believe the amount of power they have to start with, but there’s always room to improve… you just have to do it right. We’re a full-service shop, but we do specialty stuff at the same time. In this are we there are plenty of ‘fly-by-night’ people out there who have a laptop and think they’re an expert at tuning. When stuff comes into after these folks get to it it’s already junk, and there’s a lot to fix.

Cody has been plugging away and doing pretty well since opening, despite the pandemic. “I opened just as COVID hit. Let me tell you, that’s something that I did not have in my business plan at all! You roll with the punches, do the best that you can, and do the best that you can for the customer… and you’ll be alright.”

Family Tire and Automotive
1251 W. Northwest Hwy
Grapevine, TX 76051
(817) 488-5520