1986 Centurion Conversion Ford 6.9L F-250 Dually

Christian Herry, Owner

Centurion Vehicles, Inc. was based in Michigan and in the 80s and 90’s churned out some of the most interesting conversions of Ford products to hit the road. Like a kid playing with Lego vehicles, the company mixed and matched components giving us the very popular 4-door Bronco and a van-truck combination that resembled the horrific offspring of forbidden love. Luckily for Christian Herry, a Texas native, and student, his truck was a little more normal. The 1986 F-250 is powered by Ford’s 6.9-liter diesel, which was non-turboed. The truck didn’t escape the mad builders at Centurion, though. Instead, the F-250 was converted into a dually, and a Banks Sidewinder turbo system was installed.

This beautiful time capsule has 87,000 original miles on the oedometer, with 10,000 of those miles put on by Christian himself. Christian owns a detailing service, and the F-250 serves as the shop truck. “I work the hell out of this truck,” he says with a chuckle. “It hauls around 300 gallons of water and all my equipment and supplies. It’s not fast by any means with its 3-speed transmission and a 4.10 rear end, but she’ll pull a house off its foundation!”

Christian could hardly imagine what the truck would be like without the Banks Sidewinder turbo system. “You can really feel when you’re riding on the boost, and you’re not dogging it with just the motor. It makes a huge difference. On an average day I’m riding around with 3,000 lbs. in the bed. The truck just pulls!”

Although the truck has plenty of pulling power for Christian’s business needs he wants even more and plans to convert his ‘conversion’ to a 5-speed manual. “Once it has the new transmission it should wake the truck up even more.”

The Sidewinder Turbo kit is currently out of stock.