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2017 Duramax “Hoodie”

There’s something different about the 2017 L5P Duramax. Well… there’s a lot different, actually, and we’ll cover a lot of those differences more in depth in the

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Wanted For Highway Rubbery

Goes by the name Dee Max L5PSuspect is wanted for unwarranted, tire destroying Burnouts and Pavement Shredding Acts of Violence.Known associates include serial turbo abuser, Gale Banks.

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Episode #6: Turbocharging Jay Leno’s Tank Car

Three pumps, no waiting! On the wet side of the EFI system, Bosch provided us with their 200 liter-per-hour, 5-bar (72 psig) electric fuel pumps. With each pump putting out just under one gallon per minute, it’ll take three of them in parallel to feed this monster.

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