225 mph Banks Twin-Turbo GT

“225 MPH? From a gasoline-powered street legal automobile? That’s incredible!” Yes, but not impossible. Yet that’s what a lot of people say when they first learn about the fantastic F-bodied GM cars being custom-built by Gale Banks Engineering, a company renowned for their championship caliber turbocharged race boats, cars and engines. But it comes as no surprise to those aware that Gale Banks and a couple of friends ran a Corvette across Bonneville salt flats at a blistering speed of 240 mph four years ago, setting a record that stands to this day. The 430 cubic inch big block Chevy in this sleek street machine was built by Banks and was equipped with his now-famous twin turbo setup, making it the fastest stock bodied car ever.

Gale Banks offers a complete high performance package that involves the entire drive train, from custom built Ford 9-inch rear end to a completely rebuilt twin turbocharged 350-inch Chevy V8, Doug Nash five-speed transmission and all new suspension members.

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