97723 Banks Ram-Air Cold Air Intake System for 2020-2022 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax L5P

Part #s 42266 & 42266-D

Banks Ram-Air® Intake System 2020-2022 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax L5P

Please read through the following instructions thoroughly before starting your installation. If you have any questions please visit our Support Page.

Required Tools:

Ratchet Extension
13MM Socket
10MM Socket
T20 Torx
Flathead Screwdriver

What’s Included:

If something is missing, call 800-601-8072 immediately!

Section 1: Removing Stock Intake

1. With a 10mm socket, loosen and remove the negative terminal on both batteries. 

NOTE: Wait 15 minutes before proceeding to allow the ECM to fully discharge.

If you rush this step and unplug the MAF sensor, it can flag a Check Engine Light in the ECM on startup.

2. To remove the Mass Air Flow Sensor, slide back the red locking tab. Then, press down with your thumb and pull, wiggling gently if necessary.

Here’s a closer look at how the connecter actually works:

Pulling back the red locking tab allows you to press down the small black button that’s just in front of the red tab.

This button acts as one side of a teeter-totter.

When you push it down the other side comes up.

As the other side comes up, it releases its grip and you can pull the plug away.

3. With a 13mm socket, remove the nut from the Air Intake Plenum.

4. Then loosen the two hose clamps as shown.

5. Then remove the OEM intake tube.

6a. With a 10mm socket, remove the airbox mounting nut.

6b. Remove stock airbox.

7. Next, remove the Mass Airflow Sensor from the stock airbox using a T20 Torx bit.

8. Please note that the kit comes with new screws to secure MAF sensor into the Banks Intake Tube.

Do not use the stock screws in the Banks Intake tube, because you will strip the threads.

Section 2: Installing Your Banks Ram-Air Cold Air Intake System

9a. Next, install the rubber edge trim onto the Airbox opening, taking your time to carefully work the trim into the corners.

Thoroughly press the trim into the sides, and especially into the corners. Bending the trim a few times before installation can help ease installation as it might have stiffened during shipping.

9b. Important: Make sure to start in the middle of the outside portion.

When you cut off the extra trim, leave between a quarter and a half-inch extra.

The edge trim has a spring-like quality to it and will want to expand slightly over time. If the seam is offset to the side, a gap could develop as the edge trim seats into place.

10. After you cut the trim, go around and work it into the corners until you have taken up that extra material.

The goal is for the two ends to meet with no gap. With all four corners deeply set into the edge trim. You can always trim off a little bit more if needed, but you cant put it back on if you take off too much. So take your time.

11. Now let’s remove the Airbox Mounting Grommet from the stock intake.

12. The grommet removed from the previous step, will transfer onto the new Banks Airbox.

13. Now it is time to install the new Banks Airbox.

14. With a 10mm socket, tighten the nut and secure the Airbox. 

15. Next, install the Banks Big-Ass Air Filter into the Airbox.

16. Place the Gasket over the Air Filter.

Please note: the gasket is only pictured in red for clarification.

17. Now place the #88 clamp, which is the larger one on the Airbox lid side, and the #72, the smaller clamp on to the turbo side.

18. Then install the Intake Tube as shown.

You’ll find a handy alignment tab on Intake Lid. This tab should sit between the two notches on the rubber Intake Tube.


Make sure the ridge on the intake tube seats into the groove on the Banks elbow.

This shows improper installation.

Notice the Banks elbow is not fully seated over the groove and the alignment tab.

This shows correct installation.

The Banks elbow and alignment tab are fully seated now. This assures correct angle alignment and a proper seal.

19. Place the Airbox Lid over the Airbox. 

Note: Looking at the airbox lid, you’ll notice that one bolt hole is smaller than the rest.  

20. Starting with the smallest bolt hole, insert all four, 5/16th bolts and hand-tighten.

21. Now with a 10mm socket, tighten these 4 bolts down good and snug but be sure DO NOT to over tighten them.  

And do not use a pneumatic driver, or screw gun as you’ll run the risk of stripping the threads.

22. Now connect the Banks Air Mass Control Module to the Stock MAF Sensor Harness.

23. Then connect the other end of the Banks Air Mass Control Module to the stock MAF Sensor.

Be sure to engage the red locking tab.

24. Now zip-tie the Air Mass Control Module away from any engine components that could get hot.

25. Re-connect the negative terminals on the batteries.

26. Reset Air Filter Life Monitor


Start the truck.
Use the steering wheel controls to select the information screen on the dashboard. Its the icon with the lowercase ” i “

For base-level information systems, turn the Trip Odometer button to select the Air Filter Life menu


Toggle down to Air Filter Life, press the scroll wheel (or Trip Odometer button) to enter the menu.

Select Reset (Not Disable), then confirm Yes to recalibrate the Air Filter Life sensor to the new Ram-Air Intake.

For base vehicles, press and hold the Trip Odometer button to reset

Now it’s time to hit the road and enjoy your new Banks Ram-Air Intake System.