97712 Banks Ram-Air Intake for 2020-2024 Ford F250/F350/F450/ 6.7L Power Stroke

Part #s 41849, 41849-D | 41869, 41869-D

Banks Ram-Air® Intake System 2020-2022 Ford F250/F350/F450 6.7L
2023-2024 Ford F250/F350/F450 6.7L

Please read through the following instructions thoroughly before starting your installation. If you have any questions please visit our Support Page.

Parts vary slightly between 2020-2022 and 2023-2024 Kits. Please see the illustrations below for the differences.

What’s Included:

Required Tools:

Removing Stock Intake

1. Using a 10mm socket, loosen and remove the negative terminal on both batteries.

NOTE: We recommend you wait to start working for 15 minutes after to allow the ECM to full discharge.

2. With a flathead screwdriver, pop the tab and remove the stock ram-air scoop.

3. With a 7mm socket and extension, remove the airbox bolt.

4. Remove the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor by sliding the red locking tab and pulling gently.

Here is a closer look at the locking tab.

5. Remove the harness from the intake tube by removing the zip tie away from the tube.

6. Loosen the intake tube hose clamp.

7. Pop the airbox clips.(3) total.

8. Remove the stock airbox intake tube and rear airbox.

9. Lifting up firmly, remove the other half of the stock airbox.

10A. (2020-2022). Remove the two bolts and bracket holding on the stock airbox bracket.

10B. (2023-2024). Remove but save the front bolt and washer. This will be re-used.

11. Remove the MAF sensor from the stock airbox by using a T25 Torx.


If your vehicle does not have a mechanical filter minder, skip to step 14.

12. Remove the stock filter minder from the stock intake.

13. Remove the mounting grommet from the stock intake.

Installing the Banks Ram-Air Intake System

14. Insert the factory MAF sensor into the Banks tube.

IMPORTANT: Use the 8mm long MAF Machine Screws supplied by Banks to fasten.

15a. If your vehicle does not have a filter minder, use the supplied plug, and skip to step 17.
(Item #15, PN: 92446)

15b. Install the stock mounting grommet onto the Banks tube.

16. Install the filter minder on top of the grommet.

17. Install the Banks airbox.

18A. (2020-2022) With a 10mm wrench, tighten the two bolts and secure the airbox.

18B. (2023-2024) Insert aluminum spacer and tighten with factory bolt removed in step 10B.

19. Place the #104 clamp (the larger one) on the top of the air filter.

20. Now install the Banks Big-Ass Air Filter into the airbox.

21. Place the two #72 clamps on the silicone elbow, one on each end.

22. Connect the silicone elbow to the intake tube.

23. Slide the silicone elbow with the secured clamps in place, onto the turbo inlet.

24. With a flathead screwdriver, tighten the #72 clamps on both sides of the silicone elbow.

There is a raised portion on the elbow that acts as a coolent hose rest.

25. Slip the Banks Big-Ass Air Filter onto the intake tube and tighten the clamp.

26. Put the airbox lid on the airbox.

NOTE: It is a good idea to put a drop of the supplied thread locker on each of the four (4) screws.

27. Using a #3 screwdriver, tighten all four screws. Be careful not to over tighten!

28. Reinstall the stock clip you removed from the Ram-Air scoop.

29. (2020-2022) Reconnect the MAF sensor harness to the MAF sensor. Be sure to engage the red locking tab.

For 2023-2024, Use included MAF harness extension.

30. Secure the harness with the provided zip tie by pushing the notched end of the tie into the whole and looping it around the harness.

Cut off the excess with snips.

31. With a #2 screwdriver, screw on the Banks window using the four machine screws.

It is recommended that you use the thread locker on the screws as well.

32. Reconnect the two negative battery terminals.

33. Look at that thing of beauty! Now go out and enjoy your new Banks Ram-Air Intake System.