97278 AutoMind Programmer – Section 3 – Preparing Vehicle & Connecting Banks AutoMind Programmer

Part #s 66410, 66411, 66412

Banks AutoMind® Programmer 1999-2019 Ford, Diesel/Gas (except Motorhome or Cab & Chassis)
1999-2016 Chevy/GMC Trucks Diesel/Gas, (except Motorhome or Cab & Chassis)
1998-2014 Dodge, Ram and Jeep, Diesel or Gas (except Cab & Chassis)

Please read through the following instructions thoroughly before starting your installation. If you have any questions please visit our Support Page.

Section 3: Preparing Vehicle & Connecting Banks AutoMind Programmer

Follow the vehicle preparation steps to ensure a complete program installation. These steps must be performed prior to installing the Banks AutoMind calibration. 

Warning: Failure to follow proper instructions can result in a damaged or disabled ECM (Engine Control Module).

Do not perform any operations on Banks AutoMind Programmer while the vehicle is running. The vehicle must be parked and engine OFF.

Precautions for Calibration Process

The vehicle’s batteries must be fully charged and in good condition before using the Banks AutoMind Programmer.

NOTICE: Always turn off all auxiliary vehicle systems or functions that might come active while the key in the vehicle is in the “ON” position. For GM gas applications locate the fuse box under the hood and remove the radio and radio amp fuses. Auxiliary systems/functions draw power from the battery and can cause the download/upload process to take longer or freeze the process if the battery charge is too low.

Familiarize yourself with Banks AutoMind Programmer keypad controls. The keypad will allow the user to navigate between screens and select functions. (See Section 4 & 5)

1. Do not activate any electrical accessories while installing the Banks AutoMind calibration. Ensure that there are no electronic devices wired or plugged into the vehicle that can cause a substantial voltage drop, which might be activated during the installation process. Please contact a Banks dealer if uncertain about devices that are on your vehicle.

2. Certain cellular phones or radio equipment might also cause interference, please remove or turn such devices off.

3. Unless instructed in the installation steps, never turn the ignition key OFF while the Banks AutoMind programmer is plugged into the OBDII connection port.

Warning: Unplugging the Banks AutoMind Programmer while uploading or downloading a calibration can damage the vehicle’s ECM.

4. Ensure that the factory “stock” calibration is in the vehicle’s ECM before installing the Banks AutoMind calibration. If you are uncertain if your vehicle is in stock calibration tune then have the vehicle’s ECM reflashed by your vehicle make’s dealership. The cost of reflashing may vary and the sole responsibility is of end-user.

NOTE: Dealer re-flashes are the same as stock factory calibration.

WARNING: The Banks AutoMind calibration should not be installed over a non-factory/aftermarket performance tune, and except in rare cases should not be used in conjunction with other tuning devices such as chips or plug-in modules of any kind. Combining devices is done at the user’s own risk.

Connecting to OBD II

5. Locate the OBD II connection port in your vehicle. The OBD II connection port is located under the dash panel and can be located on either side of the steering wheel.

6. Connect your Banks AutoMind Programmer to the vehicle OBD II connection port.

NOTICE: When the OBD II connector is plugged in, the Banks AutoMind programmer will automatically power on and illuminate its startup screen. If the Banks AutoMind programmer does not power on then check the fuse for the cigarette lighter or OBD II in the fuse panel. The screen will display Banks, then display the AutoMind Warning and Disclaimer.