KROQ truck

Banks Power teams up with world famous radio station KROQ to build a custom Chevy Silverado.

New video! Jay “Lightning” Tilles and Gale Banks join Matt D’Andria from the CarCast Garage. Well, sort of. Jay’s truck – the ‘Roq Rig’ – was too big to fit through the doors so he takes us outside to showcase his incredibly powerful and detailed truck. Then Gale goes over the amazing engine that he built for it.

We’ve been working on a project truck for KROQ, that’s a radio station here in SoCal. Check out some of the work in progress…

Banks Power and KROQ truck
We just installed our new 5″ exhaust onto the KROQ project truck for SEMA (proudly displayed here by KROQ’s Lightning). This one was powder coated gun metal grey for the show, but if there is enough interest for them we can make it an option. They will be available for all DPF back trucks this year.

Banks Power and KROQ truck
Dyno testing the KROQ truck. We test for baseline numbers when we start on the project, and then again after the installation of Banks Power products to prove the results. To keep the rear wheels from slipping, Banks Power loaded 2,000 pounds of sand into the bed to hold down the back wheels.

Banks Power and KROQ truck
Will it fit? It’s a tight squeeze getting Banks’ new Garrett turbocharger installed.

Banks Power and KROQ truck
Thanks to its enclosed cold-air housing, huge inlet, giant dome-shaped lifetime filter and streamlined design, Banks Ram-Air Intake maximizes the flow of cool, dense air to the engine for greater power and fuel economy. It flows 47% better than stock. And delivers greater air density to the turbo’s inlet than the stock system and every competitor.

Banks Power and KROQ truck
More power via the Banks Six-Gun diesel tuner, and more braking power thanks to the Banks SpeedBrake.

Banks Power and KROQ truck
Here you can see the Banks Straight-Shot® water-methanol controller next to the Banks iQ vehicle monitor. Right now we are testing everything and once we are done, these will be mounted into a permanent home.

Banks Power and KROQ truck
Comparison: Stock (left) vs. Banks Techni-Cooler® (right). You can see that Banks Techni-Cooler is streamlined and larger offering not only better flow, but increased density which means more power!

Banks Power and KROQ truck
Installing a Banks Billet™ Torque Converter into the KROQ truck.

Check out the Banks Power products that went on this truck. Most of this stuff is available to you too!

KROQ truck gets Banks iQ
iQ® 2.0 Digital Dash »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks Six-Gun
Six-Gun® Diesel Tuner »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks water-meth
Double-Shot® »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks Techni-Cooler
Techni-Cooler® »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks Ram-Air
Ram-Air® »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks Super-Scoop
Super Scoop® »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks Billet Torque Converter
Billet® Torque Converter »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks Speed Brake
SpeedBrake® »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks Monster exhaust
Monster® Exhaust »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks injectors
Big Hoss® Injectors »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks PowerMax turbo
Powermax® Turbo »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks exhaust manifolds
Monster® Exhaust Manifolds »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks up-pipes
Monster® Up-Pipes »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks down-pipes
Monster® Down-Pipes »»»
KROQ truck gets Banks badges
Billet Badges »»»

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