Ford Model T Modified Returns to El Mirage Dry Lake in Tribute to Speed Pioneer Karl Orr

If you are familiar with Bonneville racing, you likely know the name Bob Kehoe. In the late 1960s he teamed with Bruce Geisler to build a ’53 Studebaker coupe known as the Hanky Panky Special. Over the years the car set a number of records and got both Bob and Bruce into the 200 MPH Club. When they teamed with Gale Banks and powered the Stude with a Banks-built twin-turbo small-block Chevy, it went 217 mph on the salt, earning the distinction as the world’s fastest gas-burning doorslammer.

That is, until Kehoe got involved with an even faster car, a 1968 Corvette called the Sundowner. Working with Duane McKinney, and with Banks power aboard again (this time a twin-turbo big-block), the Sundowner Corvette eventually ran nearly 241 mph at Bonneville in 1982, stealing the fastest doorslammer crown from Hanky Panky. Read the full story here

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