Most Bad Ass Camera Truck gets Banks Power

This is a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, but this isn’t an ordinary F-150 truck, this is “The World’s Most Bad Ass Camera Truck.” Director Tim Damon uses this Raptor as one of his company vehicles. The F-150 is equipped with a camera crane to capture footage for various car commercials, TV shows as well as feature films. When fully rigged, the truck supports over 800 pounds in high-tech camera equipment as well as a crew of 5 people. 

With all that added weight, the truck needed some extra power to keep up with a full day’s work. And who better to help with that than Banks Power! When we got our hands on the truck, we utilized our AutoMind Programmer, Monster Exhaust and Ram-Air to increase horsepower and torque! Then added the Banks iQ to monitor the truck’s vitals, and we may have it come back in to install the new Straight-Shot water-methanol injection system.  You can see this Raptor in action in the videos below. Just listen to that amazing exhaust sound. 

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