What Aftermarket Diff Cover Guys Don’t Tell You

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Those who’ve followed Gale’s diff cover journey will find the latest video to be a great addition to the series. In the new episode, Gale takes a look inside the rear differential of our 2019 Ford F-250 while it’s on the lift, running at 70 mph! What happens inside the differential housing at highway speeds when using a high-capacity flat-back aftermarket diff cover is astounding. 

We’re proud to introduce the latest in our family of patented Ram-Air differential covers. The new addition fits 1985-2020 Ford Sterling 12-bolt axles with 10.25/10.5 ring gear. Extensive steady-state dyno testing and on-road towing once again proved the Ram-Air cover outcools flatbacks by 5X. If you tow with your Ford, you owe it to yourself to take a look. Start by watching Gale’s video