iDash Goes Down Under, Mate

Australia is kinda far from the good ‘ol USA, but great information and great products from Banks transcend distance. “I first came across Gale from his videos on YouTube about diff covers,” David tells us. “I looked into BANKS, the company, and found some amazing hardware, like the iDash SuperGauge. I was also rather intrigued by Gale Banks’ history in automotive performance.”

“In the past, I owned two Ford Rangers (Australian 3.2L 5-cylinder Diesel versions) the EGR cooler failed in both vehicles, which resulted in total engine failure. The trucks didn’t have any sort of warning of low coolant or high temperature except for the dismal factory temp gauge. I wish I’d had the iDash SuperGauge back then! I could have seen not only the temperatures, but I could have set alerts.”

“I wasn’t going to let anything like that happen again. When I decided to buy a new 2024 Land Cruiser V8, I ordered two iDash gauges. The vehicle is my daily work truck. I’m a security technician for my own company, Kings Security Services. My wife and I also use it for towing our camper on holidays, as well as heading to the beach on the weekends. With the iDash SuperGauges, I monitor and have alerts set for ECT (engine coolant temperature), RPM, (MAP) manifold absolute pressure, and boost pressure, among other things. I’m stunned by just how much data i can see with the iDash. I know that in the long run, that information will help extend my Land Cruiser’s life.”