Turning a Shelby GT350 fun factor up to 11

Kyle installed a PedalMonster in his bagged Shelby GT350. Watch him turn the fun up to 11.

The PedalMonster is often considered to be just for truck applications, specifically diesel trucks for that matter. Kyle Jameson definitely showed that isn’t the case when he installed the PedalMonster on his 2018 Shelby GT350 Mustang. Not only is his ride a gasoline car, but it’s also a manual transmission

There are two major features that the PedalMonster offers manual gearbox drivers that no other throttle boost can, thanks to its OBD connectivity.

Transmission selection: Automatic or Manual
Automatic (default) or Manual. The Manual transmission setting does less boosting in the 0-20% pedal travel range (when compared to Automatic). This improves drivability during clutch engagement, prolonging the life of the clutch, ensuring cooler fluid temps and a more controlled launch.

Low-Speed Trim
This feature allows you to adjust the rate at which PedalMonster adds sensitivity at speeds under 10 mph. This is incredibly important as it helps to avoid spinning the tires in low speed turns or on slippery surfaces, such as mud or ice. While level 0 turns off low-speed trim, levels 2-5 increasingly minimize throttle boosting from 0-5 mph. By 10 mph PedalMonster will boost the throttle normally. This adjustment helps with low speed drivability during parking lot maneuvering, icy roads, etc, while allowing keep the unit programmed to your favorite aggressive mode. For example, if you like Track mode but don’t want to slip while driving slowly on icy roads or be jarring for your trailer and its contents, simply set the low-speed trim to Level 5. There’s no need to constantly adjust by switching levels because the PedalMonster does the work for you. How does it do this? The PedalMonster is connected to the OBD-II port where it not only gets its constant power supply, but vital information that it uses for tuning the throttle boost curves and adjusting to driver input. This patenting pending feature sets it far above the competition.

PedalMonster fits hundreds of cars and trucks. Click below for details and data.