Things you might see at the Banks Power Tube Shop

If you didn’t know this ,we’ve got our very own “Tube Shop.” Basically this a building where we manufacture all of the tubes that are used for various applications such as the TorqueTubesMonster Exhaust and Exhaust Manifolds.

Tubes getting ready to be used for various Banks Power Products.
Omar from the Tube Shop is putting together a set of headers for the Jeep 4.0L. If you’ve got a set of these headers, then most likely Omar made them.
“The Revolver manifold features a longer center tube in the 6 cylinder exhaust collector which captures exhaust pulse action and turns it into massive torque throughout the operating range. Powering through the roughest terrain is no longer a question.”
In this photo, Javier is creating an up-pipe with double-slip joint. We do this because the pressure created by the turbo is so great that single slip joints have more potential to cause air leaks.
“Double-slip joint for fitment to your existing exhaust tube. Ensures a better, more reliable hold when you need it.”

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