The Notes from SEMA: Day 1 or Crazytown

Guess what I’m doing? Gambling? Nope. Checking out the wom… um… sights? Nah! You got it: sitting in my hotel room on a Halloween night in Vegas watching the cinematic great “Catwoman.” Man… isn’t life great? How on Earth did I miss this gem? I mean, this has got to be one of the finest films of our time. Who cares about the words of attractive females dressed as doctors, Indian maidens, and showgirls when you’ve got something with such a gripping storyline?

Anyway, we’re here and so far so good. Our new booth is better than it looked on paper. A two-story structure that blows away anything we’ve done in the past. I’ll post some photos tomorrow when the background isn’t so full of empty crates and union workers “working.” Nothing else really to report yet since the fun starts tomorrow.

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