The Diesel Doctor for Your Family

Jesus Lopez started The Diesel Doctor in 1981 at the age of 21. There was no shop at the time, instead, Jesus took care of his customers with his mobile repair service wrenching on diesel engines of all varieties. As his business grew he parked his repair to put down roots in a shop and started adding a crew. The interesting thing about this team was that they were made up entirely of family members. Today, the group includes Jesus himself, with Matt (son-in-law), Albert (Godson), Armando (son-in-law), Jon (son-in-law), and Camilo (adopted member of the family).

The Diesel Doctor crew

Jesus and his family crew work as a team, and together they’ve become known for not only their great service and ability to correct other shops’ mistakes but for their honesty and integrity. “We’re a pretty cohesive unit,” said Matt. “We do everything as a group. We arrive at the same time and we leave at the same time. A few days a week we’ll even all work out together. When it comes to our customers we’ll never just throw parts at a truck. Our crew strives to find out the root problem and treat that. We don’t charge a customer for something that we weren’t able to fix.”

“We love Banks! In my opinion, the product comes complete, is easy to understand, and is quality built. The customer service they provide is fantastic, be it on the phone or online. Banks is something that we always recommend because they offer a product that matches the integrity of this shop.”

The Diesel Doctor
1301 Pepper Dr. Suite #C
El Cajon, CA 92021