Supercharged Twin-Turbo Duramax

The supercharged Duramax has been removed from dyno cell No. 1 and is being fitted with the next step in this engine’s evolution: twin turbos and an intermediate intercooler. Twin PT 6870 turbos from Precision Turbo & Engine blow into a Banks fabricated liquid-cooled intercooler stage that has both a Turbosmart Power Gate 60 wastegate (to control the boost pressure within the intercooler itself) and a Big Bubba blow-off valve (to vent boosted pressure to atmosphere during shifts and drop-throttle), providing density enriched boosted air that is force-fed to the superchargers inlet. Dual Turbosmart wastegates keep the turbos from over-speeding.

Banks engineers are gunning for an estimated 1,300 horsepower for its intended used: the Diesel Bros BroDozer Monster Truck.

The Banks Supercharged Twin Turbo will be going back on the engine dyno in cell No. 1 for testing and tuning in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to subscribe to the Banks’ YouTube channel for weekly updates.