Strictly Diesel

In just over a decade, Strictly Diesel has become one of the most respected repair facilities in the Southwest.

Owned by Nate Brekken and Dennis Schroeder, the Phoenix, AZ company was formed when their two businesses merged in 2010. Nate started Strictly Diesel in 2005, which focused primarily on repair and maintenance, while Dennis ran ITP Diesel, an online diesel performance store. After the businesses merged, the duo decided to retain the Strictly Diesel name offering repair, maintenance and performance upgrades while ITP changed its name to Driven Diesel. Driven now focuses on fuel components, upgraded line kits, trans cooling kits, their own line of oil pans and more.

Gary Maschner came aboard the company during that merger and heads up the Strictly Diesel portion where he oversees daily operations as General Manager. The ‘Strictly’ shop, with its 11 bays and room for more, stays busy with repairs and general maintenance, and takes an emissions-friendly approach to the performance products that they sell. “We’re about 90% repairs and general maintenance, with the remaining 10% being upgrades—legal ones,” Gary specifies. “We don’t do lift kits or tires at the shop either, we’re more into keeping the trucks running correctly and doing what they were originally built for. In fact, this is the message printed on the shop’s pamphlets in their own words:  We take a somewhat different approach to the term “Performance,” where most associate it with “horsepower,” however, we believe the term performance means increasing the truck’s functionality. We start by asking, “How do you use your truck?” because that’s the only way to know what aspect of “performance” will benefit the customer the most.

When the customer does want upgrades, we go with products that won’t give them (or us) any headaches, and that’s one of the reasons why we like the Banks. They come with everything you need, install nicely, work well and are CARB approved. And by the way,” adds Gary, “Their tech support is great! Any time I’ve needed help or had a question Banks  is right there to assist.”

Strictly Diesel
2215 W. Parkside Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85027