Speed School Podcast Ep 5 | Scott Birdsall

Ep 5 | Scott Birdsall

On this episode of the Speed School Podcast, Gale is joined by Scott Birdsall, owner of Chuckle’s Garage, and Pike’s Peak record holder for the fastest diesel vehicle. He plans to return to Pike’s Peak this June to beat his own record. But this time he won’t be piloting his Cummins-powered 1949 Ford F1, known to fans as Old Smokey. He explains his new EcoDiesel-powered LeMans Prototype car and why Fast & Loud’s Aaron Kaufman will take his seat in the Ford. Get caught up on previous episodes of the Speed School Podcast below.

0:00 Intro
0:57 Scott Birdsall background
4:47 Introduction to Old Smokey F1
12:50 Banks military engines
14:20 Diesel aftermarket genesis
18:50 Scott’s Pike’s Peak history
28:25 Psyclone history
42:00 What’s an LMP car?
49:25 Sidewinder Type R
59:00 Why EcoDiesel in LMP car?
1:05:00 Getting to know Pike’s Peak
1:08:3 Unknowns of Bonneville

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Gale and Scott talk about the history of Banks and the Type-R Sidewinder and Syclone. To learn more about the Project Syclone or Project Sidewinder take a look at our archives.

It was over 70 G’s of instantaneous deceleration. It would have killed me!

Scott birdsall
Speed School with Scott Birdsall Banks Projects Syclone and Sidewinder.

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