R&D Update: Twin Turbos

Resident Chief Design Engineer Bob Robe reviews his drawings of the twin turbos as the team plans to add them to the supercharged Duramax currently in Banks Dyno cell No. 1. As those who follow Banks Facebook and YouTube feeds will know this engine is destined for a monster truck piloted by the Diesel Bros. (Stay tuned for the engine’s first fire next week!)

Most people find it difficult to accept that a supercharger and a turbocharger can live under the same hood, and that usually they are direct competitors of each other. Some have the thought that a supercharger and diesel performance are two things that aren’t found in nature, like oil and water.

Both turbos and superchargers succeed in making the engine act and feel much larger by adding air density, but they do so by different means. It may sound like something new, but it’s a proven combination that’s worked well for decades in various applications, both gas and diesel. And, there are pros and cons to super chargers and turbos. One has lightning-fast response but creates an insane amount of heat, and the other adds air density efficiently but lags in the response department.

Technology has finally caught up with the idea to help actuate, time and fuel the two power adders with increased accuracy. This will allow the team to get them to work in harmony with greater ease. Although we have experience with super-turbo combinations, more recently creating prototypes for secret marine project, this unique build will be the most powerful and quickest responding diesel powerplant that Banks Power has ever created.