Ray Mizener

Ray Mizener is a Banks Power fan, but more importantly, he is an inspiration. After a horrible accident, Ray was encouraged and determined to not let go of his hobbies and activities. “Though I’ve been an engineering project management building runway to pay the bills, my hobby and obsession have always been cars and trucks,” says Ray. “My passion for cars and some great friends took me down a path of building and racing Corvettes. I use a RAM 3500 was my tow vehicle to get to the track.”

Ray Mizener Test Pilot

“About 3.5 years ago, my life forever changed when I truly died and was brought back to life after a devastating motor vehicle accident that left me paralyzed from the pectorals down, broke 14 ribs that punctured lungs and caused massive internal damage. I was not racing. Of all the things, it was just a mundane trip to the emissions station that I wish I had never made. I was in a coma for 17 days woke up to 3 more weeks of life-threatening complications and 6 months of hospitalization. I thought my life was over and wished it was until I saw how blessed I am, and we all are. Another paraplegic and now good friend at The Shepherd Center rehab hospital encouraged me to keep my vehicles rather than sell them to get what my beautiful wife calls a ‘dad van’. A fate that was almost as bad as death… it was unimaginable for me. I was motivated to work on adapting my old vehicles, the best wheelchairs ever.  With the modifications I’ve made, I can still drive my truck, take my family places, and stay as far away as I can from a ‘dad van’. I’m also working on options for my manual corvette z06 so that I can get back on the track.”

Ray Mizener Monster Ram

Ray is installing parts on his vehicles that he purchased before his accident, including Banks Power products for his tow rig, and picking up where he left off with a new passion, urgency, and appreciation. “I almost lost everything, and it’s an experience like this that makes you focus on the things that matter and shows us how good we really have/had it. Never give up, and it’s ok to be defeated… but adapt, improvise, and overcome.” Excellent advice from a man that is overcoming a massive loss. Ray proves that a true gear head knows no bounds.