PedalMonster Wakes Up Hemi

“It really woke up my HEMI!” says Jonathan Woodley about the effects the Banks PedalMonster had on his 5.7L HEMI-powered 2019 RAM 1500. “A friend of mine installed the PedalMonster for me, which only took about 5 minutes. I had him drive it as a test to see if it wasn’t only me that would feel the difference. I told him to give me his honest opinion if it was worth the money, so we went progressively from STOCK all the way to TRACK mode at level 10. He was blown away. The phone app works perfectly! I could feel the PedalMonster from the driver’s seat, but when I got behind the wheel, the difference is huge. Get this…He has a 2016 RAM and a 2015 Challenger and is now looking to put one on each of them!”

“The one big reason that sold me on the PedalMonster over the Pedal Commander was the way that it gets its power from the OBD2 port. I saw a video where Gale was explaining the differences that made the PedalMonster the right choice, and it made total sense. The way the competition gets their power just isn’t enough, and I’m not into going into limp mode because of it. The other thing that I liked was the Reverse Safety feature. I was driving my truck in TRACK, and I’m thankful that I didn’t have that power when I put it in reverse! That could cause a lot of problems. Gale thought of everything, and totally changed driving my truck in the process.”