PedalMonster Causes Permagrin on Raptor Owner’s Face

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Theresa Contreras of LGE-CTS Motorsports in San Dimas, CA knows her supercharged 2011 Gen-1 Ford Raptor backward and forward. She’s not only performed every modification herself, but she painted it too. Oh, we forgot to tell you that she’s a master painter and automotive designer with dozens of SEMA awards under her belt.

So when Theresa installed Banks’ new PedalMonster throttle sensitivity controller she didn’t know what to expect. “Even with the truck having a Whipple supercharger, I still notice there’s a little dead pedal right in the middle,” said Theresa as she scooted down her local 4-lane “test track”. “But with the PedalMonster I instantly noticed it was smooth and consistent all the way through the pedal travel, from top to bottom. We’ve tuned out the dead pedal!” 

”Theresa continued, “One of the things that has always annoyed me is having to anticipate when the truck is going to get the message from the pedal. After driving this a zillion miles, I know nothing’s going to happen for the first 1 or 2 seconds as it’s catching up with itself. 

Gauging by her giddy laughter, driving her Raptor is now a completely different experience. “It’s a huge, huge difference! I’ve got perma-grin!”