Paulhamus Diesel Performance

Dan Paulhamus: Owner

Dan Paulhamus knows diesels. He was one of the first to be master certified on the Duramax back in 2000 in order for the dealership that he worked for to sell them. Dan recalls that one of his instructors from GM said to him during training, “Mark my words: Diesels are the wave of the future.” Dan remembers seeing the Duramax for the first time… and the fact that he had no reason to doubt him. He worked at the dealership as their Duramax go-to-guy for 10 years and went into the gas business for a short stint before opening his own business a little over eight years ago.

Dan’s shop, Paulhamus Diesel Performance (PDP), primarily works on diesel offerings from Ford, GM, and Chrysler, but they have been known to work on the occasional Volkswagen TDIs and motor homes. “We’re known as a one-stop-shop when it comes to diesel service and products,” says Dan, “but moreover it’s our ability to work on all the latest vehicles that set us apart for anyone else. We get referrals from dealerships on a regular basis because either their guys aren’t trained, aren’t knowledgeable or a customer just says that they want to take it to us. We have a great reputation for being able to diagnose anything with a diesel.” But it’s not just PDP’s ability to diagnose and repair diesels that have earned them a great reputation, it’s also their work on building successful drag race and sled pulling trucks.

Dan spares no expense on the latest equipment too. “We actually have tire shops sending us work because of our new machines that we have,” Dan chuckled, “it kinda makes you feel good. One thing I believe in is that if you’re going to do something that you should do it right. I don’t mind spending money on tools and equipment if it makes the job easier and more precise.”

PDP has grown quite a bit in such a short time. From its humble beginnings as a small 40’ x 60’ shop with two bays at his house, to the 5,000 sq. foot facility where they currently are Dan sees the need to expand even further in the near future. “I have another building on this property that I’m looking to open up as a parts store and warehouse to support not only my shop but other local shops as well.”

When Dan was asked what he likes best about his business he responded with, “You know, I like the fact that we do things right here. If you have time to do it twice that means you had the time to do it correctly in the first place. We also sell quality parts to go along with our service, and Banks products are something I trust in and use on my own truck.”

Paulhamus Diesel Performance
Jersey Shore, PA 17740-1072