NRG Auto Repair Inc

Mark Mausbach, Owner

NRG Auto Repair is a business that has been around since 2000. In ’08 Mark Mausbach began his career there as an automotive technician straight after graduating from tech school. In 2016 Mark Decided to purchase the place. Since becoming the owner, NRG Auto Repair has grown by leaps and bounds. Mark quickly began reorganizing how he wanted to do business and adding technicians to take care of the customer’s needs. NRG performs anything from basic maintenance to engine and transmission overhauls and vehicle restoration. Mark isn’t only the owner of NRG… he’s also one of his own shop techs, and together with his team they instill confidence in their customers. All this adds up to the wonderful word of mouth for the business.

A rather ingenious way Mark uses to get customers interested in performance products is having a few upgraded vehicles that he uses as demonstrators to let the folks experience what can be done to their rides. In addition, Mark likes to keep Banks Derringers and PedalMonsters on hand for quick demo installations on customer’s vehicles to let them feel the power difference in their own cars and trucks. “They are so easy to install in a customer’s vehicle that I use them to show the immediate changes that they can experience,” said Mark. “Often the customer is so impressed that we just leave it on right after the demo. And the results are so good with the product that one guy for instance told his friends all about it… and we got five more PedalMonster installs from just that one customer!”

NRG Auto Repair Inc
15650 Heille Ridge Ln
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501-7169