My name is Gale and I’m a Gearhead

If it has an engine, I’m interested but I’ve got another symptom…I’ll take power any way I can get it.


Keep this on the down low…I’m a futurist as well. I’m all about new untried engine concepts or fuels. But there’s a war going on in my head because I love where I’ve been, what that looked like, how those engines sounded and the smell of methanol and nitro in close quarters…oh yeah!

I’m living a life where I get to take the flavor and the knowledge of where I’ve been and blend it with the future as I see it. And, trust me on this, I even see my new ideas in my sleep, this is a movie that never ends.

And as for the vehicle, boat, car or truck, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s fast and is capable of showcasing the power. But for decades I’ve had this problem and its name is…JEEP.

Jeep is not about fast, Jeep is about getting there. And, there is anywhere, in any terrain, in any weather and at any altitude. Oh, I forgot about roads…Not Required…don’t need a road.

Jeep turns the power requirement upside down. It’s about the bottom, not the top. I see guys bragging about a blown or turboed engine’s huge high rpm horsepower number and smile. Are they serious?

Yes I can get drunk on horsepower at Bonneville, I welcome that hangover. But a Jeep is all about power off idle, power that gets big down low in a very refined and predictable manner. And I’ve built a turbo designed from scratch to do just that.

Here’s a look at a little adventure we did last year to test the results. We’ve continued refining and just released the intercooled version which adds over 100 hp and has amazing throttle modulation down low where it counts.

I’ve Turbo’ed my six cylinders. Better hide your Hemi.

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