Monster Exhaust for ’23 Ford 6.7L

Jeff Bellitti brought his 2023 Ford F-350 in for a 5” Monster Exhaust, and it’s just the more recent of his vehicles to have Banks products installed. “I’m a concrete and masonry contractor, and I pull two small Caterpillar tractors,” explained Jeff. I bought this dually because I’m going to get rid of my Peterbilt, and I’m going to get the biggest dump trailer that I could find, which is about 30,000 GVW. The dually will be able to handle it, as with most diesel trucks today. But I know that they can use some help. I put the Monster Exhaust on the truck as a starter, but as Banks releases more products for my Power Stroke I’ll be putting them on, too. More power and efficiency will help with those larger loads.” 

Jeff is no stranger to putting Banks products. I had an ’01 Duramax and an ’07 Duramax with Banks equipment. My 2021 Jeep Gladiator has a Ram-Air and a PedalMonster, and now the ’23 F-350. The Gladiator is my daily driver. You can feel the difference, and the intake makes a great growl. My girlfriend drives it as well, and she’s pretty aggressive. Being able to adjust the accelerator sensitivity is pretty important. She can always tell the difference when I tone it down. “Don’t deaden my pedal!,” she chirps at me when I tone it down.