Matt Linnert: Test Pilot

Among most of the customers Banks Power has, Matt Linnert is rather unique in that his truck isn’t normally used for cross country treks, as a workhorse, or a tow rig. Instead Matt’s 2020 Chevy 2500 HD is his big hot rod. “It’s my grocery getter. Very rarely do I tow.”

Matt is one of the Banks Power Test Pilots for the new Derringer for the 2020 Duramax. His and the other Test pilots of the group are important to the program, and their constant contact back to base helps make a product that anyone can enjoy. “She’s still pretty new and I haven’t done a lot of highway driving in her yet,” explains Matt, “but the other day I was able to get on the highway and open her up. I can’t tell you have much I enjoy the extra speed and horsepower with the Derringer. I thought it was great before, but now it’s a rocket!”

This isn’t the first time Matt has had Banks on his vehicle. “I came for a 2017 with a Derringer in that one, too. It was very powerful and the truck was like this one, very little miles… 10,000 to be exact. I thought I was going to keep that truck forever, but when I saw that the new one had a 10 speed tranny I ditched the old girl for the new one.” Matt had something interesting to say about the tranny and the Derringer, too. “I Like the extra power, but the great part is that the power works so well with the transmission. There’s no banging through the gears. All that extra power and the shifts are still smooth. It’s a real comfortable and fun experience.”

One more bit of information passed on to Banks from matt was about the iDash, and a special need that he has. “Another thing I like is that because I drive so little every day, about an 1/8 of a mile to work to be exact, it’s hard for the truck to regen. I like that with the iDash I can monitor the capacity of the DPF, and make the truck regen whenever I want. It’s a cool feature for the kind of driver that I am.”